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March 01, 2021

CHOICE 1st Newsletter

The CHOICE team would like to share with you the 1st newsletter describing what has happened during the past 14 months and what's happening now!

A two day-long training was held by CESIE online on the 27th and 28th of January, during which 30 secondary school teachers from Italy, Cyprus, Spain and Greece learnt how to produce educational resources adopting STE(A)M approaches,...

On January 13, the project partners met at their third meeting which marked the conclusion of the research and preparatory phase and launched the work on the reforming STEM curricula through co-creation of innovative OERs and the CHOICE MOOC.

As part of the development of a Framework to reform STEM curricula, CHOICE partners have translated the State-of-the-Art study in French, Italian, Greek and Spanish, which compares the research results of each partner country laying the basis for the design process of our Open Education Resources on STE(A)M approaches. The study's accompanying Reflective Practice Case-study Compendium is also translated in all 5 languages.

Work continues for the CHOICE partners, who met virtually for their 2nd Coordination Meeting on 29th September.

The CHOICE team has identified existing initiatives to reform STEM education, contributing to close the skill mismatch in the current labour market and best practices, published in a new State of the Art Study Report [...]. 

September 24, 2020

🔥New publications by the CHOICE team! 🔥

The presented papers summarise our findings of the surveys we conducted in Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Spain to assess students' attitutes towards STEM subjects and careers and the current teaching of STEM subjects, [...]

June 25, 2020


Representatives from three Erasmus Plus projects (CHOICESTE(A)M IT & STEAMonEdu) joined a very successful clustering session held as part of the STEAMonEdu project on the 25th of June 2020. 

Our community is expanding!

Stay tuned - A lot of interesting things have been planned for the near future!

The Kick-off Meeting of the CHOICE – Increasing young people’s motivation to choose STEM careers through an Innovative Cross-disciplinary STE(A)M approach to education project was held on February 20th and 21st in Palermo, Italy.